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Evan Slack In ActionHere’s where you can find out all you want to know about the Evan Slack (radio) Network.

These pages include biographical information, a description of the various programs that Evan produces as well as the latest listing of the stations that carry them.

These links will allow you to download and open pdf files.

The Evan Slack Network:

How The West Is Won

The Saga of Evan Slack

This is Evan Slack Country

Coverage Area

Radio Station Partners

Program Roundup

If you need more information just give Evan a call:

130 Pearl Street
Suite 1601
Denver, CO 80203

2 Responses to “About”

  1. John Stencel Says:

    Hi Evan–Congrats on 50 years + in the business! As Vice Chairman of the Colorado Ag Water Alliance, I want to invite you to our 2011 Ag Water Summit. It will be Dec 1st at the The Ranch, McKee 4-H Bldg, Larimer Cty Fairgrounds, Loveland, CO. We have some great speakers and panels on water lined up. There should be more than 200 present. The Alliance is made up of 13 Ag groups in Colorado. We will provide you with a complimentary registration packet and press pass. There is more info on our web-site:, and if you can come please contact Julie Kallenberger at CSU to register. Her contact info is on the web-site. Charlie Bartlett of Moreno, a corngrower is our chairman. Hope you can come–it would be great to see you! John Stencel 970-586-3954

  2. John Stencel Says:

    Hi Evan–see above John

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