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Evan Slack In ActionEvery day Evan prepares himself to present the most up to the minute news and information that will keep his farm and ranch listeners informed about their business.

Following is a list of Evan’s daily reports for stations in:

Colorado/KS, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming.

They are in MP3 file links which you may download to air on your station.

Morning (M-F) 6:00 – 7:00 AM

Morning Report #1
Download Current Report (4 minutes)

Weather – Everyone talks about the weather, Evan does something about it – he makes sure farmers and ranchers in the West know what to expect over the next several days. Evan then provides a roundup of the latest regional, national and international agricultural headlines.

Morning Report #2
Download Current Report (4 minutes)

Evan starts this segment with top agriculture news stories of the day. And then reports the latest livestock and grain markets and looks ahead to what the market analysts are saying and forecasting.

Midday (M-F) 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Midday Report #1
Download Current Report (4 minutes)

In this report, Evan first updates his listeners on what the livestock and grain market prices are doing that day and why, along with reports of special interests to Western farmers and ranchers, including the latest legislative, regulatory and congressional activities.

Midday Report #2
Download Current Report (4 minutes)

Evan continues with more market information and recorded interviews with interesting people in the world of agriculture, gathered from the many meetings and conventions covered by the Evan Slack Network.

Midday Report #3
Download Current Report (4 minutes)

Evan concludes his broadcast day with the latest grain and livestock prices, along with a healthy dose of informative and entertaining interviews with experts and personalities from the world of agriculture.

5 Responses to “CO/KS, MT, NE, WY”

  1. Mark Beatty (KGIW) Says:

    Dear Evan,

    Now that all of us are in sync and warmed up to downloading and delivering your new mp3 format, we wouldn’t want it any other way. The sound quality is excellent! A number of our listeners have called our studios to convey positive comments. Thanks and best wishes!


  2. Mike Glesinger KCOW,Alliance NE Says:

    Hi Evan…really like the easy access to your reports and the neat pictures of you as well…look forward to seeing you at Coors Field next season.
    Mike G

  3. AgWired » Blog Archives » Flying With Captain Evan Slack Says:

    [...] I didn’t think you wanted to hear the engine noise so I added a part of one of Evan’s interviews he did at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference from his Friday midday show. [...]

  4. Kathy Del Rio Says:

    Dear Evan

    I listen to you on the radio and I enjoy your comments.
    I hear the EPA is prosing to shut down coal power plants and make electricity rates skyrocket. I am making a lot of noise to get this stopped. We want to repeal this prosposal because we can not afford to pay more for energy. we need to keep energy affordable. So the more people I speak up to the more good it will do. I emailed my Congressman and Senators to get this stopped. Let’s all fight this together.
    Thank you
    Kathy Del RIo
    I hear your show on agriculture information on KBLJ and KTHN

  5. Evan Says:

    Thanks for listening, Evan

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