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July 23, 2007

Captain Evan Slack

Posted @ 2:43 pm by Evan

Captain Evan SlackEvan asked that I post this for him. It’s Chuck again. Evan was gracious enough to fly me to Kansas City from Denver after the Cattle Industry Summer Conference.

We ran around some clouds and “weather” on the way to Kansas City. One of the choices as we got near Salina, KS was north or south. We went south and it was the right decision. I think that’s an experienced pilot’s instinct kicking in.

One thing is for sure. You get a much better view than on a commercial airline. You also get to help out the pilot when he needs something from the back seat. While we were winding through the clouds I made a short video clip.

I didn’t think you wanted to hear the engine noise so I added a part of one of Evan’s interviews he did at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference from his Friday midday show.